About Us

Polish Building Store "MATBUD Building Materials" are wholesalers, showrooms sales of tiles, doors, floors and other building materials, we offer transport, design and installers services.

We deliver building materials to Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries of the European Union 0%.

23 years of experience in the market allows us not only for sale, but also for professional assistance and advice on the selection of materials and assembly. Two showrooms in Gliwice: Andersa 20 street and Pszczyńska 133 street, offer a wide range of building materials and furnishings. Thanks to the cooperation with leading Polish and foreign producers, we offer a choice of high quality materials at competitive prices, providing our customers with savings in investments, satisfaction with the results and the safety and pleasure to use.

MATBUD is a leader on the Polish market branded companies: OPOCZNO PARADYŻ, POLCOLORIT, STOLBUD, PORTA, GERDA, ATLAS, SOPRO, CERESIT Henkel, W&M, GÓRAŻDŻE Cement, CEMEX, Rockwool, Isover, Icopal, IZOHAN, YETICO, ADW, SELENA, TERMOORGANIKA , Hydrostop, Velux, Fakro, IZOMUR,ARMATURA Krakow, KOŁO, ROCA, PSB, and many others.

Easy access, location in the center of Gliwice, private parking, online shop, timeliness, transport or delivery to the door upon request make us a professional partner for each client.

MATBUD - buy sparingly, build solid, live comfortably.

The main business domain is wholesale and retail sale of specialized building materials and furnishings in particular: building materials, bathrooms, insulation, sanitation, doors and windows, roofing materials, ceramic tiles, etc. The company has own transport, mechanical loading and unloading and the design of bathrooms and assembly.

What makes us different is the strict adherence to the terms and conditions of contracts and fulfillment of them in a timely and convenient for the customer. Our professionalism have been recognized multitudes of satisfied customers.

Our Vision: To be a wholesaler of building materials building the position in the market through the provision of high quality products, leading Polish and foreign manufacturers at affordable prices.

Our mission: total customer satisfaction as well as being market leadership to take positions as an active participant and reliable construction projects in the region.

Materiały budowlane MATBUD sklep budowlany andersa 20 gliwiceMateriały budowlane MATBUD sklep budowlany pszczyńska 133 gliwice

The company in the course of trade has all the amenities to facilitate cooperation, including priority places are occupied by: discounts, transfer payments, payment cards, installment 0% Technical and business consultancy, architectural, and sell products through the online store.


Online shop order on website: www.matbud.pl is realized up to 5 days.

If you pay for bank transfer from abroad please provide the following information:

IBAN:PL 64 1160 2202 0000 0001 3816 9750

Bank Millennium S.A.
street: Stanisława Żaryna 2A
02-593 Warszawa


Euro currency account:

PL 43 1160 2202 0000 0002 7087 9708

Kula Kazimierz, 44-100 Gliwice street: Srebrna 5

We invite you to cooperation.