Help and telephone orders

How to use the Shop?

Viewing offers Shop.

After opening the main page Store, on the left side of the window appears with the categories of products. Here are all available for purchase goods grouped into categories. Clicking on the name of the selected category displays all the goods contained therein. The list of products available in this category consists of the name of the product presented photos of the product and its price. Already at this point we can choose to buy the presented product and click "ADD TO CART", which will add the product to our shopping cart. However, before you make a purchase it is advisable to greater familiarity with the present subject. For more information about it, please click on the photo or name of the item of interest to us. Please read carefully the product data before deciding to purchase it. Some of the goods offered in the shop exists in several versions, differing eg. Color or size. The selection of the desired version, if that possibility exists, can be made in the window with a full description of the object, by selecting the desired item from the drop down menu on the price of the card on the right side of the product.

Placing an order.

When you decide to purchase a product, click on the "ADD TO CART" button in the right part of the product card. You will be redirected to the page that displays the current contents of our shopping cart. There we see the total cost of our current contract. We may also remove products from the basket. If you want to add more items to your cart, click on the "GO BACK TO PURCHASE" and return to browsing deals Store. At any time, you can check the contents of your cart by clicking the shopping cart icon, which is located in the top menu on each side of the Store. Once we have in the basket all the items of interest to us, we go to determine how to pay for them and give the order recipient address data.

  Summary of the order.

Being on the side of the cart, and you can see the whole of our order together with the total price, choose the country to which you want to send the shipment. We see also information on the method of delivery. Click the "CONFIRM SHOPPING". If you've made already in the store shopping, and we are a registered user, log in to the store with your username or email address and password. Message is displayed on the login success, and our data are automatically entered into the form. If you make purchases in the store for the first time or have not yet registered, fill out the form with the address data (fields in bold are mandatory, you can also enter the ID number, which will be included in the invoice sent after the execution of the contract). Before you click "CONFIRM PURCHASE" mark yet, whether provided by us shipping address is. If not, click "CONFIRM PURCHASE" give the address to which the shipment will be sent and then click "Confirm SHOPPING".
You will be redirected to the page where it displays all the details of our contract, including address details. Make sure that all the data entered is correct, amend or returning to the page where we gave the data. After verifying the data, choose the method of payment for goods. In this way, we finalize the order, and to the specified email address before we get all the data.

Payment for the goods ordered.

After placing an order should pay for them. Within 3 working days from the date of dispatch of the order we get from the owner of Shop confirmation of the order in which they are given the exact shipping costs. Due to the very diverse range available in the store (large range of dimensions and weight), it becomes unrealistic to set prices in advance of delivery. For this reason, payment for the goods with doliczonymi transport costs should be made after confirmation. For more information on the cost of delivery of the goods is later, in paragraph Organization delivery. Upon receipt of the money to the account owner Store, starts execution of the contract on the terms specified in the Regulations.

Registration of users.

You can register a customer base Store. As a result of repeated purchasing each time we are not forced to give their name and address. Simply log in to the store, and these data will be downloaded automatically. To register, click on the "LOG IN / REGISTER" appears in the top menu on each page of the Store and enter your details. By clicking "LOG IN / REGISTER" log in to the store, and we have the ability to edit the data provided during registration, as well as obtain information on purchases.

Language Options.

When you click a flag in the top menu on the Store, switch between the language versions Store (subject to availability).

Organization of delivery.

Because of the great diversity of the goods offered in terms of weight and size, it becomes impractical to provide transport prices in advance. For this reason, the customer receives an order from the owner of the Shop's confirmation, which will include the exact price of supplies, added to the value of the contract. This price will be determined based on the pricing of services transport companies that work with us. For more information on delivery orders can be found in the Regulations.

Telephone orders.

If you have any problems with your order that interest you building materials through our online store. Please contact us by phone or faxowy. Contact details can be found below. You can also use our formulaży order to facilitate communication with us.

MATBUD Building Materials

ul. Andersa 20
44-121 Gliwice

tel. +48 32 331 37 20
fax. +48 32 445 70 23

Osoby Kontaktowe:

Dorota Pikulińska
tel. kom. +48 668 332 491

zamówienie telefoniczne / faxowe word formularz pomocniczy zamówienia telefonicznego lub faxowego (word .doc)
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